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ArchiCAD is a leading BIM software created by architects for architects. It is now increasingly used for BCA BIM E-Submission. This 16-hour basic course lets you explore BIM with confidence, and experience the functionality and benefits of the Archicad BIM platform for creating and modeling building components from a range of templates. It introduces BIM architecture and principles, guiding you through the steps and tools in setting up and creating the BIM Architecture Model, managing projects with documentation, and basic extraction of data from the  Model.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to ArchiCAD Interface
  • Walls, Element selection, Nodes, Hotspots
  • Editing walls, Interior walls, Trimming
  • Doors, Pickup/ Inject Parameters, Windows
  • Multiply Elements, Slabs, Stairs
  • Sections, Stories, Tracing, Slabs, Roof
  • Select all Elements, Trim to Roof, Objects
  • Terrain Mesh, Solid Element operations, Composite Structures
  • Building materials, Rendering
  • Zones, Category Colors, Zone Cover Fills
  • Interactive Schedules, Labels, Markers
  • Automatic Dimensions, Deleting Dimensions, Manual Dimensions
  • Adding and deleting Points to the Dimension chain
  • Deleting segments of the Dimension chain
  • Editing Dimension texts, level Dimensions, elevation Dimensions,
  • 3D Cutting Planes, 3D Documents
  • Model View Options, Layers and Layer combinations
  • Pen Sets, Saving a View
  • Renovations, Layouts, Drawings
  • Master Layouts, Publishing

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Essentials

  • Architects, designers and builders involved in BIM modeling, co-ordination and E-Submission. It is intensive preparatory for students entering relevant academic programs that require prior BIM/CAD basics and new graduates or career changers looking to join the AEC sector with BIM Certification.

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