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The tutorials cover common topics that new BIM adopters will require for planning, initiating and managing the transition from CAD to BIM platform. Whether your task is to plan, design, construct or collaborate on projects these tutorials offer knowledge with practical steps and useful tips. It caters to decisionmakers and executives tasked with developing a BIM Execution Plan within company's current  management framework. It also guide BIM Leads and Modelers on BIM  tender presentation, project initiation, and converting existing data,  drawings and documentations. It is applicable to both users of  ArchiCAD and Revit software for various disciplines including specialist  works. In each tutorial session, you can choose the combination of topics that are relevant to your point of need and tell us if you have a related 'live' project in hand to focus on. We will contact you further to understand the pain points once we receive your registration to confirm the placement of trainer and content for best learning outcome that can be covered within the 3 hour session.



A. Plan
1. BIM Adoption and Fund Application   Overview of key resources needed for BIM capability set up, and various funding schemes available including the BCA BIM Capability funds for  project team
2. Prepare BIM Execution Plan 

Detailing project resources, mapping workflow for multi disciplines and  setting schedules, milestones for Model Coordination Reviews and otherBIM deliverables

B. Design

3. Initiate BIM Design Models Guide on preparing Setting Out Model, Coordination Reports, preparing for BIM e-Submissions and Tender Models for handover

C. Construct

4. Prepare BIM Tender Presentation    Guide on key requirements and deliverables
5. Initiate BIM Models for Construction  Detailing various Services Models and As built Models for various  discipline and Model Coordination Reports


D. Collaborate

6. Overview of Team Collaboration and Autodesk Navisworks

Understand team collaboration in projects and demonstrate how to review and simulate models with the Clash Detection tools of Navisworks including identifying and reporting interferences of a 3D project model

7. Overview of Team Collaboration and Autodesk BIM 360  

Understand team collaboration in projects and the benefits of common data integration in BIM 360 platform, review 3D project models on site using navigation and visualisation functions.


BIM Tutorial 2. Design

  • Executives, Project Managers, BIM Leads, BIM Modelers, CAD Drafters, Designers, and anyone involved in the implementation of BIM for tenders, design, project management, construction, auditing and E-submissions.

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