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This new Landscape Track focuses on creating the landscape in BIM  from setting up terrains, roads, structures, hardscape in external works  to creating softscape planting and furnishing. It covers the key elements of BIM for Landscape Architecture, guiding through the steps for  importing 2D/CAD files of Landscape Plans, modifying landforms and 3Dobjects, quantifying Earthworks, Materials, Plant Schedules and  managing Projects with associated documentation, plus basic data extraction from the Landscape Model.
Recommended for those who have completed the ArchiCAD Essentials or have basic experience with using ArchiCAD software tools and  creating Architectural Models. 


Intro to ArchiCAD Interface for Landscape Architecture
Create New Worksheet
Import 2D and CAD drawings from Topographic Survey and Masterplan 
Basic Earthwork, Cuts & Fills Terrain
Insert the Architectural Model, Hotlinked Modules, Solid Element Operations
Pavements, Ramps, Steps, Walls, Planters, Playground, Furniture, Structures 
Trees, Shrubs, Hedges, Turfing, Grading, Greenwalls, Drainage/ Swales
MEP Layout for Lighting and Irrigation
Quantification and Schedules for Cut & Fill, Soiling, Planting, Materials, Furniture
Documentation - Saving Views, Sections, Elevations, Detailing and Layout Book
Publishing - PDF, DWG and IFC output

BIM for Landscape with ArchiCAD

  • Landscape Architects, designers and installers involved in BIM co-ordination and E-Submission. It is intensive preparatory for students entering relevant academic programs that require prior BIM/CAD basics and new graduates or career changers looking to join the AEC sector with BIM Certification.

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