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More Project Managers Save Extra Time With Geospatial Apps

Uncover the use of geospatial solutions to incorporate into any of these areas in your construction, design and management projects!

The diagram below spots 10 ways that geospatial apps can be used to increase productivity when it comes to measuring the environment. By selecting the right tool, professionals will be able to set up a digital database that maps out their integrated workflow. This will support a collaborative effort for every team member that wishes to use the full potential of their respective mobile device, once the app is instantly downloaded, to access deeper data insights and improve data management. Strategically, this convenient system not only results in an enhanced quality of deliverables at your fingertips, but also in helping overall cost reduction for projects.

Meanwhile, here is a case study of how our team previously conducted an Arborist's Tree Visual Assessment (more background in the diagram and below) and the kind of benefits it demonstrates include:

  • Less risk of transfer error from paper to desktop (go paperless!)

  • Specify data directly to smartphone/tablet

  • Retrace path or find object using GPS

  • Ability to share data online in realtime

  • Update data back at office desktop as necessary

  • Analyse and generate a report of site information

  • Enable more time for tree inspection on site.

In this car park project, trees were geotagged (using GPS) on the mobile app (using a mobile smartphone or tablet) for inspection. Observations and recommendations were recorded together in the tree biodata on the spot, along with images and video auto-tagged and shared online in real time via cloud server. Although the template was customised for tree inspection by arborists, the pruning team (contractors) can also benefit from having clear tag of location and instruction to carry out tree operations and complete the project in an online record/report.



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