Autodesk Certified User (ACU) Exam

ACU Exam (Revit Architecture) is an online Autodesk Certification  conducted at Authorized Certiport Certification Centers. Successful  candidates will be awarded the prestigious Certiport Digital Badge. 

It is a valuable endorsement of software proficiency level for BIM modeling job position and academic admission including BIM software module exemption at various tertiary institution.


Preparation Class 

Designed to assist participants identify learning gaps within the test syllabus, familiarise with exam format and tips to avoid common pitfalls plus a practice paper to boost confidence before taking Exam. 


Sitting for ACU Exam 

Participants can register for the exam by appointment when ready.

Prep for Autodesk Certified User Exam

Prep for Autodesk Certified User Exam
  • Anyone who has completed basic training in Autodesk Revit Architecture, and looking to validate their skill for career or academic progression. Successful candidates will be awarded a Certiport Digital Badge. 

    Career Progression
    Autodesk Revit Certification is a common requested skill in job posting for BIM Modeling, and useful for new graduates entering the Built  Environment sector. 
    Academic Progression

    Students applying to study architecture, engineering and construction courses at higher institution will find this skill validation a plus or gain exemption from software module.

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