Besides taking selfie and event videos for media, camera drones can be deployed for recording aerial imagery of real estates for planning, visualisation and performing visual inspection in facility and site management. This Drone training will equip participants with basic knowledge and hands-on skills to learn to fly a drone using the DJI Mavic Pro model.

The 8-hour classroom and field training covers the types of Drones, Drone applications, flight theory and control techniques to fly a Commercial Drone in the open ground for videography, under the close guidance of qualified instructors. Participants will also learn the legal and social obligations for Drone flying, safety, security and privacy laws and regulations, and essential requirements for UAV Operator Permit Assessment and Activity Permit.

This starter course trains participants to fly a drone safely with confidence and those planning to obtain a commercial license will be guided through CAAS mock assessment.



Classroom session | Drone theory and basics 

Introduction to Drones, types, applications with demo sets and current trends

Physics of flight and the aerodynamics of Drones/ UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Rules and Regulations on Safety, Security and Privacy legislation

Guidelines and requirements for UOP (UAV Operator Permit) and Activity Permit and Risk Assessment

Field Practical session | Flying control techniques

Take off and landing

Basic maneuvers

Advanced maneuvers

Individual flying practices

CAAS UOP mock assessment

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