Are you using SketchUp, Revit or 3ds Max for 3D modeling? Lumion can render your model more quickly, smoothly and with photorealistic  animation. This module is designed to provide the essential skills of using Lumion to create that impressive flythrough of your design model. It will show you from how to prepare 3D models for export to Lumion, to the final capture of 3D realtime video. You will learn to create a scene environment with clouds, water, colours, materials, lighting and artistic effects to make your design come alive. You will be guided step by step on how to add 3D design objects, furniture, plants, people, roads, buildings with tips on searching for library object and exploring different effects for making a 3D Flythrough video.



  • Set benchmark and file location
  • User Interface and overview of tools
  • Control of camera views
  • Prepare, import and manage model
  • Introduce material library and colours
  • Select common materials: Concrete, Stone, Tiles, Wood, Metal

     Glass, Water, Fabric and Plants

  • Edit the materials and the environment
  • Add Lighting and other effects
  • Explore own design model
  • Prepare Sketchup model and objects for rendering
  • Refine or touch up model
  • Save model to movie

3D Rendering for Design Presentation